Terms & Conditions

By reading and signing the Country Art Escapes Member Agreement Form a subscriber is committing to take part in the 2012 Country Art Escapes and agrees to adhere to the criteria to participate and am committed to paying the annual membership. In return, Arts
North West agrees to provide my business with the services outlined in this agreement.

 Country Art Escapes is an Arts North West initiative to develop and manage an art trail in the New England North West region of NSW.  As the coordinating organisation Arts North West will maintain the Country Art Escapes website and seek further funding on behalf of members to design and distribute annual Country Art Escapes brochures across the region. The art trail includes artists and studios, art and cultural venues and is membership based.

Country Art Escapes is administered by Arts North West Inc which retains all responsibility in relation to management and selection of artists, events and content to be included in the Country Art Escapes program.


Arts North West services to Country Art Escapes members will be limited to:

  1. Promoting Country Art Escapes as a single program regionally and nationally
  2. Promoting activities and artists in the Country Art Escapes program at its sole discretion
  3. Managing a website for subscribers to publicize their Country Art
    Escapes activities and to communicate with each other
  4. Offer assistance and advice to prospective subscribers to acquaint
    them with the Country Art Escapes project, its promotional style and activities
    and provide annual meetings for members
  5. Authorise subscribers to use a Country Art Escapes logo as part of
    their activities in the Country Art Escapes program.
  6. Provide an information package once membership is confirmed
    (outlining website uploads and program details and participation/updates).

Arts North West services and the Country Art Escapes program will not include:

  1. Providing exhibition space and facilities
  2. Funding subscribers for Country Art Escapes specific events
  3. Paying or arranging transport in Country Art Escapes events
  4. Commissioning any works for Country Art Escapes
  5. Approving or checking the quality of installations and safety
    aspects of exhibition spaces or other venues used in Country Art Escapes
  6. Providing insurance for Country Art Escapes events

Country Art Escapes members are responsible for proposing events which they wish to be part of the Country Art Escapes program on the understanding that Arts North West will have discretion to accept or reject such proposals at all times.


Subsrcription currently costs $88 per annum including GST (non-refundable, annual subscription fee).


Copyright of works displayed and/or submitted as part of Country Art Escapes will be retained by the artist or the artist-nominated copyright holder.

Arts North West does not produce or endorse any works exhibited or installed by members participating in Country Art Escapes nor does Arts North West authorize any of their works. Consequently Arts North West is not responsible for the content or transport or installation
or exhibition of Country Art Escapes works which are the sole responsibility of members and their contractors.

Subscription to Country Arts Escapes does not create a principal-agent relationship between Arts North West and its members, and Arts North West does not authorize any action by its members in the course of participating in Country Art Escapes but merely liaises with them and
promotes their activities as part of the Country Art Escapes program.